The name really says it all, First Class Support. It’s meant to bring to mind flying in the front of a jet with service that exceeds your expectations. A relaxing day at the spa or fun on the beach. Riding in the back of a limo to sit in box seats at your favorite event. All at a predictable fee for a predictable result.

Like any First Class treatment, it doesn’t just happen by accident. Fiercify Logic needs to learn about your business and find out exactly how it can benefit from technology. Then we help you select the right technology at the right time and at the right price. That requires us to be familiar and capable in a wide variety of computer based technologies to earn the right to be your trusted partner. Like the old saying goes, “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” In other words, it happens by design.

Quality is a very overused word. Two definitions I like are “you feel like you got more than you paid for” and “predictable.” The interesting thing is quality doesn’t have to cost more. When applied to technology, knowing what you’re doing and being proactive actually costs less than bouncing from melt-down to catastrophe.

First Class Support covers four areas of service:

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Reactive Support

You call when you need help. Included is unlimited remote support during regular business hours at one low monthly fee.

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Proactive Support

We monitor your computers and network 24x7x365 and respond to issues before they become a problem.


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Network/Vendor Management

We conduct regular audits to uncover issues that automation can’t. We also manage other vendors that provide hardware, software or services to make sure everything is coordinated.

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Technology Consulting

Each Premier customer is assigned a dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) for scheduled and on-demand needs.